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Flower TypesAll the flower types in nature are beautiful, but the popularity graph of flowers depends according to the eyes of beholder. Most of the flower types are popular primarily due to their unique fragrance, beauty or both; while few enjoy love of people native to different geographical region. Rose is the most popular flower type in the world followed by other flowers such as Chrysanthemums, Tulips, Lilies, Carnations, Poinsettias, Gerberas, and Narcissus etc.

Type of Flowers Britannica.com defines flowers as a modified, short, compact branch bearing lateral appendages. Like twigs, flowers develop from buds, and the basic floral parts (sepal, petal, stamen, and carpel) are in actual fact greatly modified leaves. Flowers present a multitude of combinations of color, size, form, and anatomical arrangement. In some plants, individual flowers are very small and are borne in a distinctive cluster (inflorescence).

The Flower Society - Flower Types The refreshing beauty of flowers have always captivated and fascinated people around the globe for centuries. Flower admirers have always cultivated flowers either for their decorative beauty or for the sheer love of gardening. Flowers have always enjoyed special love and attention from lovers and poets through gifts and poems. These serene beauties have also found a distinct place in myths and religious symbols of different cultures. Nothing conveys one meaning of love, beauty and pure innocence to every individual in full essence than the different flower types.

Some flower types may not be very popular around the globe, but could be the most popular in their respective regions. Popularity index of a flower types depends mostly on their unique characteristics or some cultural traits peculiar to that region. For all fellow lovers and admirers of flowers here is some background information about different flower types.



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